Anothersidewalk is a digital art shop. We sell high-rez JPEG files.

A download link will be send to you after payment of the file, please see your junk mail  or contact us with the contact form if you don’t receive it

We guarantee a flawless print from the files to sizes up to A3 (297 by 420 mm) or more. You can also print a t-shirt.

All images can be used for a personal use only: interior prints and home electronic devices. No commercial use is allowed. Please inquire for any commercial project to studio@anothersidewalk.tv 

Selling and redistributing the digital files or modified versions ( collages or parts) is punishable and not allowed. The copyright of the image(s) and art works remains to the creator. The file pourchased on this platform belongs to the buyer for a lifetime usage, the printer can only create one print per file. Extra copies of the file for any additional copy made must be purchased. If the print is destroyed the buyer can make another print.

All sales are final.  



Anothersidewalk offers personalized art prints from most hi-rez images availble on the digital shop.

Prints will be worked and delivered after final agreement. The online  form is not a contract. Prices of the prints will vary in function of the number of copies that will be created.  Final prints will be signed and numbered. We can provide paper prints, wallpapers, T-shirts and divers other objects.

Prints can not be duplicated and no commercial use is allowed.  

Shipping is free.

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